Top 8 Most Crazy Myths of a Virtual Paralegal

Top 8 Most Crazy Myths of a Virtual Paralegal

8.  A Virtual Paralegal does not need a contract. – This is a big myth.  If your a law firm or attorney wanting to hire a virtual paralegal you should be prepared to sign a service agreement.

7.  A virtual paralegal is an employee of the attorney that hires him or her.  This is another huge myth.  A true virtual paralegal is his or her own boss.  They decide what assignments they take, they keep his or her own schedule.  Most importantly, the virtual paralegal pays his or her own taxes and costs of doing business. 

6.  The Attorney that hire a virtual paralegal is not a client of the virtual paralegal.  This is a myth.  Virtual Paralegals like that of Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC provides services to many different attorneys.  Therefore, each firm or attorney that hires the virtual paralegal is the client of the virtual paralegal.

5.  A virtual paralegal does not work as hard as an in-house paralegal.  This is not true.  A true virtual paralegal works just as hard– if not–harder than an in house paralegal.  Virtual paralegals do all the tasks of an in house paralegal and run a successful business.

4.  Virtual paralegal must watch alot of Harry’s law to prepare legal documents.  Although, I love Harry’s law, I have spent years working for attorneys and have a master’s degree in legal studies to assist me in doing my job.

3.  Virtual paralegals are too expensive.  This is a big myth.  A virtual paralegal’s fee is a faction of the costs of that of your in-house staff.  

2.  Virtual Paralegal can not prepare discovery.  Wow, this is far from the truth.  A well-structured virtual paralegal will have a system in place to assist with discovery.  In fact, that is one of my favorite things to do!

1.  Virtual paralegal work from his or her kitchen table, therefore they don’t need to paid any more than minimum wage.  HAHA, that’s a funny.   The truth is I have an office that is fully stocked with two copiers, printers, several computers, and staff.  My services are like any other professional service- – Like the attorney, plumber, doctor– it is a trained professional skill and I charge accordingly.


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