The number one way to win the hearts of your clients

1 way to win clients


Do you want to win the hearts of all your clients? Would you like your law firm to be number one? There is one thing you can do that will catapult you to the head of the pack! Monthly status letters are the key to great client relations. Clients want to feel like they are the only client you represent. Communication is the one thing that Clients really soak up. Status letters are easy, affordable, and loved by clients. Sample Status Letter 2


Monthly status letters can do a number oHolly blogf great things. First, they can improve your client relations. Secondly, it shows your clients the value of your services in a physical form. Finally, the letters can potentially cut down the number of calls clients make to your office wanting general information.

Win the hearts of your clients today and implement sending them monthly status letters! They only take a few minutes to write and you can even set up a template and make the process almost automatic.


Holly Sheriff

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