The dreaded sea of unreturned calls

The dreaded sea of unreturned calls

Do you dreadphones1Do you dread receiving or making phone calls with your clients? Are you thankful for cordless phones, because if it was not for your cordless phone you know you would most certainly be tangled up in a sea of phone cords and die never to be found again?

    Do you have clients, who frequently call with questions regarding their cases? Are you concerned about complaints because of these phone calls often go unreturned? Unreturned phone calls have been known to be one of the leading causes of bar complaints made by angry clients. Do phone calls eat way at your attorneys’ productivity?
How your office manages phone calls and the overall method of, keeping your clients updated on their cases can be the difference between a happy client and an angry client. Many attorneys and law firms struggle with managing phone calls. This does not mean they are incompetent, lazy, or uncaring. Although, clients probably have a different opinion about the reason their phone calls go unreturned. The truth is the problem with phone calls is not because attorneys do not care. It is often due to lack of time, training, and staffing issues.

Many attorneys and managers believe that secretaries and receptionists do not need to be trained in the art of phone etiquette. Often times, more times than not, they are wrong. Many times attorney and managers do not figure out that poor phone etiquette is the root cause of all the dreaded phone calls in their offices until it is too late
So, how do you avoid your phone becoming a source fear and epic anxiety? Start by looking at the overall management style of your office. Unlike decades past, today’s society is focused more on offering multiple ways of communicating rather than effectively communicate important information.

Could all your problems with unreturned phone calls be caused by over communicating all the wrong things in a negative matter? Once, you have determined the answer to this question you should be able to gain control over the amount of unreturned calls your office receives.

Your phone should not be a source fear or anxiety. Your office phone should be the life force of your practice and your business. You should leave callers with a favorable impression of you, your office, and your time management skills.
For the next few blog posts the experts at Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC will be posting several tips and tricks to help your law firm avoid being overrun by unreturned phone calls.

Holly Sheriff

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