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Official Terms and Conditions for Referrals Credits, Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

The following terms & conditions apply to all Promotions, Colleague Credits, Coupons, and/or Discounts (hereinafter referred to as “couponoe coupons”), offered by Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC and the following websites:

1) Under these terms and conditions, the word coupon or coupons shall be defined to mean and include any promotion, special offer, discount, credit, or special offer that the Company may offer to any website visitor, current or past client or new clients.

2) To redeem a coupon, you must agree and abide to all the terms, conditions, and rules  for the offer to be valid. A client’s purchase must be meet all these terms and conditions to be eligible to redeem an coupon or offer.

3) Manners of Use; Unaltered digital coupons with a complete barcode only. Each coupon is identified by an individual and separate coupon code. And each coupon code has its own rewards, expiration date, and may only be available to new clients. To successfully claim a discount Clients must present a valid coupon code to Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC’s billing department before their payments are due.

4) All coupons may be subject to change at any time without further notice.

5) Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered or sustained (even if caused by negligence) as a result of accepting and/or using the coupon/discount/promotion, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

6) Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC accepts no responsibility for late, lost, or misdirected email or other communications. Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC assumes no responsibility for any failure to receive a claim or for inaccurate information or for any loss, damage, or injury as a result of technical or telecommunications problems, including security breaches. If such problems arise, then Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC may modify, cancel, terminate, or suspend the coupon.

7) Coupons are nontransferable.

8) Coupons have no cash value.

9) The is a limit to one coupon/discount per billing cycle law firm account. Coupons cannot be doubled or combined with any other offer or promotion. Client’s accounts must be in good-standing. Coupons cannot be applied to any past due accounts, or past due invoices, financial charges, late fees, or admin fees. Coupons are intended for single use only.

10) Coupons are applied to one case or matter of equal or lesser value per law firm account when the Client present a valid code.

11) Coupon terms and conditions are subject to all the terms and conditions contained in Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC’s service agreements.

12) Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC reserves the right to discontinue a coupon at any time.

13) A coupon may not be used in conjunction with the purchase of products sold by or under the brands of third parties.

14) Each coupon is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified in the offer. Limited time only offer will state the valid time frame on the offer. Clients may be required to present the physical hard copy of the offer with an unaltered barcode to receive the discount.

15) Exclusions; A coupon or other discount cannot be used to pay for taxes, late fees, admin fees, shipping and handling or other charges.

16) If the coupon has a minimum purchase requirement, taxes, shipping and handling and other charges do not apply towards the minimum purchase amount.

17) To redeem a Colleague Referral Credit, your referral must lead to a sale or purchase.

18) Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC is not liable for lost or stole coupons, credits, or discounts.

19) Buy One Get One Free Bogos are limited to free one per client account every 6 months, the free service will be applied to the lesser or equal service and can’t exceed one hour of paralegal time in value.