ten reason to hire a virtual Paralegal1.   Virtual Paralegals provide an increased profitability for your firm by decreasing expenses.

2.  Virtual Paralegals’ time can be billed out separately to the client and at a lower rate.

3. Virtual Paralegals are paid at a lower rate yet handle many substantive tasks (under an attorney’s supervision).

4. Virtual Paralegals perform substantive legal tasks such as; legal research, interviewing clients, drafting documents, drafting pleadings, assisting at closings and more.

5. Virtual Paralegals free up attorney time allowing attorneys the opportunity to increase the firm’s caseload.

6. Virtual Paralegals permit associates and partners to focus on complex legal work and clients.

7. Virtual Paralegals improve client satisfaction by being accessible to clients on a daily basis when attorneys are unavailable.

8. Virtual Paralegals reliably track deadlines and ensure they are met on time.

9. Virtual Paralegals can assist attorneys with complex trials and office organization by creating trial notebooks, and internal office procedures.

10. Virtual Paralegals add a new perspective to the legal team thus improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the law office.

Holly Sheriff

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