Stop struggling with finding topics

StruggleMany law firms and solo attorneys have realized that hosting free webinars, videos, and podcasts are great ways to generate positive publicity for their law practices. However, many law firms and solo attorneys struggle with finding appropriate topics. The key to finding hot topics does not have to be complicated or complex. You most likely have a large library of topics that are ripe for the picking.

Here is a quick and fabulous ways to develop hot topics for your law firm’s free webinars and video podcasts:

First, get a pen and paper out and start thinking about the most frequently asked questions your clients and prospective clients ask. Secondly, make a list of those most frequently asked questions. Finally, start writing about these topics.

Once you have your list of frequently asked questions and short brief articles, which illustrate the answers to those questions—you can decide what platform is best for sharing these hot topics. You might be thinking –“ok, but what happens when I have used all these topics?”
After you have written blogs, hosted webinars and podcasts about the most frequently asked questions, you should take as step back and broaden your search for more frequently asked questions by polling your support staff. In other words, ask your support staff to make a list of their most frequently asked questions and use those topics to write about.

Webinars, blogs and podcasts topics should be centered on topics your clients and prospective clients care about the most. Make sure that when you and your support staff are making your lists be sure to include topics which address a client’s confusion and topics that cause your clients to be emotional or angry. This will allow you to give your clients and prospective clients practical tips for dealing with the emotional aspects of litigation.

Finding topics for your webinars, blogs and podcasts doesn’t have to be difficult. If you take a little time each month to examine what is on the mind of your clients and prospective clients.

Holly Sheriff

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