Legal Research is a skill Best Virtual Paralegal LLC has that can grow your practice!

Legal Research is a skill Best Virtual Paralegal LLC has that can grow your practice!
For years, I have been conducting research to determine how to catapult my company’s services more towards legal research and case analysis rather than a document preparation company. Do not get me wrong I love what I do, but the reality is I am a paralegal and I love legal research and legal writing. To me, that should be the main service and focus as paralegal. It is the heart and soul of my business. Secretly, it is my main skill; however, it does not seem to be the focus of my clients.
I often wonder why my most valuable skill I have to offer my clients is the one that is frequently overlooked. I will probably never know for sure why this over looked and underutilized. The only thing I can do is explain to attorney why they should stop overlooking this skill and explain why they should use it to their advantage.
It occurred to my staff & I that maybe the real reason attorneys don’t really ask for us to perform this service is because that is the part of their job that they love to do. Maybe it’s because they think that they have invested so much time and money into their education it seem silly that they hire someone else to do what they love so much? Well, if that is case, guess what. I typically think the same thing!
Here is the scoop a folk, just because you love research does not mean you don’t need a paralegal to help.

Here why:

There are a handful of legal research tasks that are designed truly for a paralegals’ specialty!
1. Do you always know what a case is worth? If yes, that is super, but things do change. When was the last time you did a verdict search? Well, if you’re thinking “What?–Verdict search? I never thought of doing a verdict search” Or if you thinking–you need one–than I got news for you- even though no two case are ever the same, by doing verdict searches you gain power knowledge of what to expect and possibly what type of verdict may be rendered.
Verdict searches take skill and time. Both of which, as a busy successful attorney you only really have one of those two things– that is you may have the skills, but I never met a successful attorney that truly has the time.
2. Have you ever wondered what an expert is going to say before you agree to meet with them? Have you ever wanted to have a list of qualified experts in your smart phone just a phone call away for that big case that you know is going to walk in your door at any moment? There is only one problem with this great idea—you do not have the time for the research this great practice building activity. Well, that is where you need a virtual paralegal to do the research for you.
By hiring, a paralegal to create expert profiles for you by researching opposing counsels and experts this investment can give you a litigation advantage in structuring your winning argument.
3. No matter how great of a research and writer you are it is always hard to edit your own work. The best way to ensure that your findings stay intact is to hire someone that has the legal know how and understands what it is you are writing. It’s difficult to edit your own work. A second set of eyes always helps. We not only edit but we check your citations and format against the court rules.
4. The fourth and most exciting way a paralegals research skills can boost your practice is in content marketing!
Ok, so I have your attention, but you don’t know exactly what content marketing is or how it can help your practice. That’s ok let me explain. If you have a website, you should have a blog. If you don’t have a blog on your website, I bet if you hire us or a similar service that they can help you with that. Having a blog can be a powerful marketing tool, maintaining contact with existing clients while attracting new ones. But busy attorneys don’t have time for the consistent content and effort that a blog requires. A skilled paralegal can use his or her research skills to get you stellar content and help write and or edit your posts.

Holly Sheriff

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