How to Use Pinterest for a Service Based Business?

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Social media just gave birth to its newest addition social media craze.  Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share their interests through visual sharing interests by posting, also known as ‘pinning,’ images or videos to their own or others’ pinboards.  Pinterest users can upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web using the pinterest bookmarklet, pin it button, or a url.

A person can browse through the items other Pinterest users have pinned. Users can like,” “repin” or “comment” on fellow users likes and repin other users’ likes.  As with other social networks, members are encouraged to interact with the content by reposting it, sharing others’ pins on Facebook and Twitter or via email, and even embedding individual pins on their website or blog.  Using a visual emphasis, the social network is very focused on the concept of a person’s lifestyle.  This enables you to share your interests and preferences with others and discover those of like-minded people.  As Pinterest put it, “this is a social network meant to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” At first blush I thought that Pinterest would be too simplicity to implement for business. I really did not think that it was possible to build a Pinterest following for a business.

After some Nyquil (because of a cold) and a couple of clicks of the mouse I realized that Pinterest if used properly it really could drive more traffic and a larger social media following single handedly over that of facebook, myspace , twitter and all the other mirror sites that have been popping up left and right. I know what you are thinking you are thinking but how is that possible? As an internet business owner, of a business that relies on driving a high-volume of website traffic to increase sales, I look at anything that could drive more traffic to my company’s website.

My company does not sell products. My company is a service provider for Law Firms, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and Business Coaching. This in itself causes some heavy challenges for my marketing team to overcome.  Why is this you might be asking yourself?  This is because Pinterest is mainly for sharing pictures and snippets of other websites that a consumer like.  These snippets represent the consumer’s buying habits, their interests, their wants and hobby, and if my company does not provide a product that will drive them to interact with us than how can I achieve my business following on Pinterest. Here are some ideas I recently came up with to start my Pinterest revolution for my business.

The action plan to start my Pinterest revolution for my business.

1.  Leave my personal interested board up.

This allows my followers, clients and visitors to get to know me as a person not just as a business.

2.  Make a board under my Pinterest account just for my business interests.

This is where the magic happens for my business. What I post here is important and ties in with all my other social media marketing efforts and content marketing campaigns.

For example, one of our consulting clients came to us with some challenges they were having with setting up their new office.  After we developed their action plan for a new office, we used that information and the third party information as a segue into our pinterest board. Then we displayed the office solutions that we used for that client on our board.  You may be thinking that this type of pin would not develop into a new client for our office or service. All this appears to do in your opinion is to create business for the third party product provider we just pinned. Right?

Well, you are half-right.  It is true that this type of pin would create a better following for the third party company but it will also establish you as an expert in a certain area and show your followers that you care about their business and their challenges regardless how it affects your bottom line. By pinning content, that is a solution to your potential clients, prospect clients and current client’s challenges even if you do not directly make a profit from helping them.

This is a silent seed pin.  By pinning helpful and useful alternative products, that you have used in your daily day of providing your service; will help plant the seed that your followers need you as an expert. This expert status tells your followers if they ever have the same problem, they can come to you, and get a seamlessly painless and effective solution.

In addition to pinning solutions that we have used in solving our clients’ problems, we pin our blog articles that ties in our client’s new office challenge that we may have written and published.  This type of pin is a direct promoting pin.  However, direct promoting pinning is much harder than the silent pinning.  The primary reason people find that direct pinning so difficult when they are a service providing company is because you don’t want the pinning promotion to be about you. Ok, I know what you are probably thinking- promoting your business is what you want to do! Right? Well, you can, it can be difficult with Pinterest.  The reason it is so difficult for a service-based company to advertise on Pinterest is because you don’t sell a product or a tangible items that people can pin to their boards.  It’s for this reason you must be creative in your promoting.  You don’t want to bombard people with self-promoting.  Pinterest is not designed for self-promoting and when you own a service providing business it’s you that you need to promote.  How you find a balance between connecting with your followers and promoting your service based business is something that takes time.  It will also take some trial and error for you to find the right mixture that works for you.  The main way to start slowly mixing promoting your service into your Pinterest platform is to pin samples of your work to the board that you have designed as your company board.

The goal of an effective Pinterest business board should be to drive traffic back to your website. Achieve this by creating catalogs of pin boards and pins based on your service. Your boards should add prices to featured services on Pinterest to attract qualified buyers. Give your followers a mix of lifestyle pins and catalogs or service pins to increase lead generation while maintaining proper engagement.

Happy Pinning!   Check back next week for more Best Virtual Business Tips™! Watch our blog for our series on how to obtain great content for your content marketing plan!


Holly Sheriff is not attorney and cannot give legal advice; is not a substitution for an attorney. The author is a virtual assistant. Best Virtual Paralegal LLC is a full service virtual assistant company; offering specialized services through training and education to law firms, real estate agents, and small businesses. This article is the author’s personal opinion, comments, and should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion. 2012© All Rights Reserved. Holly Teel, Best Virtual Paralegal LLC

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