How to Overcome the Fear of Hiring a Virtual Paralegal/Assistant-Week 2

Suitable Tasks

Some lawyers believe that all the work they require simply has to be done on-site.  In reality, they believe they need the immediacy of a paralegal close at hand for urgent projects.

Let us concede for a moment, that there are a small number of tasks, which cannot readily be performed from a remote location as a virtual paralegal or virtual assistant: making copies while inside the office of the attorney, or sorting your mail, and making your coffee.

However, let us be honest, the reality is if you’re an attorney who truly wants and needs a highly skilled, hit the ground running paralegal, would you really be using this person to make coffee, and copies? That’s busy work.  The answer is probably not.  When I think back to my own in house career and talking with my clients about that time, I always point out that as a senior level paralegal I had an office of my own and an assistant that made copies and the coffee.  I don’t think I ever really made copies or coffee unless my assistant or a paralegal under me was sick or I was the only support staff in the building during an important meeting.  The primary bulk of my time was spent in the war room, interviewing witnesses, conducting research, meeting with clients and the law partners to assist in developing our trial plan and drafting and redrafting documents based upon our findings.

There are plenty of tasks perfect for a remote working paralegal. The primary task clients often think of are drafting correspondence, preparing discovery, discovery responses and pleadings. However, these tasks are just the tip of the iceberg.

I have developed a concrete system of virtual services that often include meeting with clients, expert witness, and of course the attorneys and my other clients.  I have also developed a system, which includes organizing and maintaining electronic case files in a secure, online file management system. In addition to the virtual intake meeting system, my office can perform legal or procedural research, reviewing documents, preparing document productions, and summarizing depositions.  Really, the list of tasks that are suitable for virtual paralegals and virtual assistants that have a specialty are endless when paired up with the right client.


Come back next week for week three of Best Virtual Paralegal LLC’s How to Overcome the Fear of Hiring a Virtual Paralegal/Assistant where we will discussing:  “How to Decide What to Delegate to Who!”


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