How to Overcome the Fear of Hiring a Virtual Paralegal/Virtual Assistant – Week 4

Is it the fear of training your staff holding you back from hiring a virtual paralegal or virtual assistant?

Over the last three weeks, I have shared some helpful and insightful hints on how to overcome the fear of hiring a virtual assistant and the costs associated with hiring one.  This is last week of this blog! This week I am going to share some helpful insight regarding why the fear of training staff should not hold you back from hiring a virtual paralegal or virtual assistant.

As an entrepreneur, business owner and a grand manager of tasks, time and other people, one of my biggest daily challenges in my business is how do I meet the needs of my clients and continue offering them the best value and service without wasting my own money and time training staff on tasks they should already know?

Why should I allow the fear of money, delegating, and training hold me back from hiring someone to assist me in my business when I could hire an independent contractor or a fellow entrepreneur who works as a virtual assistant.  The answer is I shouldn’t.  That’s why I sat down made all my lists that we discussed in my three prior blog articles and then hired two virtual assistants, whose specialties are in areas, which I was either weaker than I should be or that I do not have time to complete in my busy day.The answer to this question is also the answer to this week’s blog question. I found the answer to be one that was so simple I almost over looked it.  Recently, I expanded my business from the Midwest to the East Coast and in doing so I found myself needing to reevaluate what I wanted from my business and what is it that has been holding me back from achieving my business goals.  I realized that the answer to my reevaluation of my business was not only the core message of this blog series, but it was also the answer my own business challenges.

I had a revelation when I hired my first virtual assistant was that I should not have to train him or her, because if they were in business for themselves then they are holding themselves out to the world as an expert in whatever skill or service they offered.  Therefore, the experience of training should not be present.  However, that did not mean that there would not be the absence of a learning curve between them and me as to how I wanted the outcomes of the tasks.  We still needed time to learn each other’s working styles and writing tones, but as for the nuts and bolts of how to do the actual tasks I should not have to train them or show them.

The keys I learned to finding the perfect staffing solution for my own business is to find a professional that is truly an expert in their skill set and can hit the ground running.

It is like what I tell my own clients, ”Paralegal skills are universal it does not matter if your paralegal is located in a different state than your law firm, if you hire a paralegal with a sound paralegal foundation and education, his or her skills in legal research and fact finding can be used in any jurisdiction. The trick is in finding a paralegal that is resourceful and can hit the ground running using skills from his or her education to read local court rules and etc….”. This theory should hold true for any virtual assistant.

So, my closing advice to you is if you find yourself in need of an assistant and you don’t want to train them, then make sure their tasks are universal to their skills and they can hit the ground running.

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