How to Develop Quality Content for Your Marketing Efforts Regardless of Your Industry Part 1

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The best business practice for establishing a great content for your blog, and social media marketing regardless of whether you are a service based business or a product selling business is to listen to what your ideal customers or clients wants and needs are from you. Business owners spend a good part of their workday listening to other people, whether it is their employees, or customers. However, there is a big difference between “passive” and “active” listening.  Many times owners are too busy thinking about their response or actually running their business rather than listening to the needs and wants of their employees and customers. In a business setting, this lack of attention can result in costly mistakes, wasted time, and poor marketing. Why is listening so important? Well by listening fully and in a way that shows understanding and respect to your employees and customers, you develop a rapport and start to build trust.

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Listening and asking questions is the foundation you will use to develop your content marketing. As well, as influence your employees, customers, followers and potential customers. How do you start listening to your employees and customers effectively? Start by asking open-ended probing questions.  These questions allow the other person to respond at length, rather than with just a “yes” or “no.”

Open-ended questions begin with words like “why,” “how,” “explain” and “describe.”  By asking these types of questions, you will encourage the other person to share his or her opinions and feelings and elicit additional information.  Be aware of how many open-ended questions you ask. Then consciously try to increase the number.

Visit our blog in the next coming weeks for Part 2 on How to Develop Quality Content for Your Marketing Efforts Regardless of Your Industry, where we will be discussing how to use the information you obtain from your probing questions to develop your blog entry and or your internet article.


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