Depositions and Delegating

Depositions and Delegating

Depositions and Delegating– do you do it ?

Got Depos 2014Depositions and delegating can be stressful for attorneys. Attorneys can become overwhelmed with court appearances, and their law practices. They can easily lose sight of the tasks that can be delegated to a paralegal. Add depositions to this equation and the stress level an attorney can feel heightens even more.

To lessen the stress associated with depositions and delegating, the staff at Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC has compiled a list of depositions tasks that can be delegated to us. The tasks are listed in no particular order, and include a description of each task. While this is no way a complete list, it could help you come up with your own list.

Mock Depositions and Client Preparation

Not only are depositions stressful for attorneys, but they are often a terrifying experience for clients. Therefore, Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC has invested years of training and perfecting a mock deposition and client preparation service. Proper client preparation for depositions; or lack thereof; prepping a client can make or break a case. Often it is the time that it takes to prepare for a deposition – that stresses everyone out.
Attorneys can free up time and lower their stress levels by delegating this task to a company like Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC.

Deposition Summaries

Deposition summaries are often the key to forming a direct and cross examination for trial; or at the very least, they lead the way. This is another task an attorney could delegate to a company like Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC.

We make these tasks as easy as 1, 2, 3. The attorney prioritizes the depositions in the case- then we will provide copies of the summaries to each attorney who will go to trial and keep a copy of our own summary with the original deposition. We will keep a cumulative list of all depositions. In addition, we will confirm the firm copy of each deposition with any corrections that may have been made by the witnesses. We will do the same for depositions on disk and summaries.

Deposition Logs

One of the final deposition tasks an attorney can delegate to a paralegal or Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC is a deposition log. The creation of deposition log is optional. The purpose of these logs is for tracking which depositions have been signed, summarized, corrected, videotaped, etc. Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC uses deposition logs to ensure all loose ends are tied up and taxable costs are on file with the Court.

Again, deposition logs are tools we use to reduce the stress our attorneys and are just one more example of the tasks, which can be delegated to #Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC or any paralegal.

#Depositions and #delegations do not have to be stressful in any way. Don’t let your depositions, or law practice run you- depose who need to, delegate what you can, and run your practice; don’t let it run you.


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