Expensive Deposition Video-No Way Use a virtual paralegal for deposition preparation

Expensive Deposition Video-No Way Use a virtual paralegal for deposition preparation

Expensive Deposition Video- No Way Use a virtual paralegal for deposition preparation

Did you know there are four tips to preparing clients and the law firm for depositions that does not require the expensive costs of a deposition preparation video or hours of your precious time as attorney?  There are virtually four tasks that a virtual paralegal service provider can do, which will simplify the deposition process for you, (attorneys) and your clients.

All litigation attorneys, paralegals, and experts agree that depositions are the most important element to any litigation case.  Therefore, how you prepare your clients to be deposed is a crucial key aspect to that process.  However, like most attorneys, you probably don’t have time to hold the hand of all your clients.

Here are the top 4 tasks you can outsource to a litigation paralegal to assist in preparing your client to be deposed:

4.  Believe or not it is always best to have your paralegal help you prepare for the deposition BEFORE you even think about preparing your clients.  You should have your virtual paralegal organize all the facts of the case for you.  If you outsource this to a virtual paralegal like us, or in the best case, you do use us, this step should look something like this.  Your paralegal should help you form your plan.  She or he should need to know everything there is to know: the law, the facts, your theory of the case, your opponent’s theory, and how all these things mesh.  Then he or she needs to put all of that in a deposition Action Plan for you.

3.  You virtual paralegal should know how you will support your theory, how your opponent will support his, and how each of you will respond to the other and gather all this information you will need to master the details: what the witnesses will say, what the documents say, the who, what, where, when, why and how.  Your paralegal should be prepared to know everything, have everything, so you can figure out after the depositions what is very important in the end.

2.  Now, that you and your virtual paralegal are prepared.  You need to know that your virtual paralegal is the best weapon you have to effectively prepare your clients.  Your virtual paralegal should assist you in lowering your client’s anxiety.  Uses your paralegal to rely the answers of the most commonplace source of the anxiety, which are the answers to the following:

where to go, how to get there, and where to park.

when and where to meet you before the deposition.

what to bring.

what not to bring.

what to wear.

who will be at the deposition, and why.

what the court reporter does at the deposition and what the transcript is.

where everyone will sit.

what discovery is in general and what a deposition is in particular.

what the cross-examiner’s objectives and techniques are.

what your role is, and how you are your client’s ally.

how long this will take.

the arrangements for things like water, coffee, telephone access, messages, food, the restroom, breaks, etc.

All this is mundane information your virtual paralegal should know and be able to share with the client in two or even three methods.  The first should be in a letter informing them of the deposition itself, the second is via a telephone conference and the third and most important is a video conference.  Your paralegal should be able to meet you and your client at your office even if he or she is 900 miles away, utilizing a video camera.

1.  The final and most important task you should delegate to your paralegal is to prepare mock depositions with the client.  Obviously, if you are using a virtual paralegal firm like Best Virtual Paralegal LLC this mock deposition will be conducted utilizing webcam video conferencing.  Thus, saving you time and expense because there is no expensive video and no real overhead costs to you.

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