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Hello Folks! Ask an Expert! Ask Holly — Who, What, Where, Why and How Vault!

The Ask Holly How Vault

Have you ever wondered where you could go for answers to your business questions and get your answers for free or at no- obligation to purchase a thing from the expert?  That’s right you heard me– I said “FREE” Business   Advice from a small business expert?  Well, your search is over ! I am cordially inviting you to “Ask Holly” the owner and founder of Best Virtual Paralegal LLC & BVP Services !

Here is how it works:

You are invited to ask any question you want about any business challenge you may be facing in your business.  If I or one of my staff pick your question, I will feature as part of the Ask an Expert! Ask Holly —  blog series.  Wow! How exciting is that? Where else can you go and get free advice from a fellow Entrepreneur! As an added bonus, when I pick your question, we will feature your company and your personal bio on our blog, our Google Plus Community  namely, Ask An Expert – Ask Holly  Community.  That free advertising just for you.

Submit your questions under this blog post, or on our facebook page, or on our Google community page.  Remember it must be business based. Some of you might be thinking why I giving away advice that my companies normally charge to give? Well, the answer is simple –  Your success is our business!

My companies Best Virtual Paralegal LLC & its sister company BVP Serivces might be small but I only work with the best of the best experts in a number of different industries.  All of the experts that contribute to the answers to the Ask An Expert- Ask Holly Who, What, Where, What, and How have years of experience in addition to a college degree in his or her area of expertise !

I am aware that there are some other virtual assistant companies or business consultants out there that offer the same services  as myself and my staff.  I am also aware that there are paralegal companies that claim to be paralegals virtual assistants,  and they work from their kitchen table.  I realize your choices are vast.  That is why my staff and I are offering the free advice; because your sucess is truly our first priorty! We want you to make the best decision for your business and firm .

I can’t wait feature a fellow small busines owner, right here on our weekly roundup discussion.   My staff of experts and I are here for you.

Check back next week, for an answer post to one of our first Ask an Expert! Ask Holly — Who, What, Where, Why and How Vault!

Holly Sheriff

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